Vacancy “Algemeen Medewerker” Pre-U

Algemeen medewerker

Pre-U is a part of the University of Twente, we organize different project for high schools. The ‘algemene medewerkers’ of Pre-U are responsible for the administration of Pre-U. They support the coordinators and they are the contact-point of Pre-U during opening hours.

the job

A ‘algemeen medewerker’ learns all bout Pre-U and her projects. It is an excellent starter function to grow and develop to a coordinator function within the organization. These coordinators run the Pre-U team and the function of ‘algemeen medewerker’ is the perfect stepping-stone to coordinator!

Tasks include:

  • Processing and answering email, mail and phone calls
  • Supporting coordinators
  • Personal assigned tasks
  • Processing applications
  • Contact with students


We are looking for a Dutch-speaking UT student that can work well in a team and has an enthusiastic attitude. You have to be able to work in an organized way, set priorities and keep an overview of things. Characteristics like independence, flexibility and perseverance are not unknown to you. You have to feel at home in a flexible team.


We offer a parttime function of 8 hours per week. A week is separated in 2 shifts of 4 hours. The schedule of the UT will be taken into account during the planning of shifts. We expect that you are available for a minimum of 1,5 years. You will be payed through the student assistant system and you salary will depend on the amount of credits you have obtained.


Do you match the profile? Apply for the job before March 20, 2017 by sending us your motivation letter, resume and a picture to You can mail to or call to 053-489 4890 for more information.

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