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Dear students,

Buddies Nederland is looking for enthusiastic volunteers!

Foundation Best Buddies Nederland is a non-profit organisation ( that stimulates friendships between volunteers and young people with mild intellectual disabilities ages between 16 and 35.

Through friendship the social network of the person with a mild intellectual disability increases; this stimulates their happiness and prevents them from being isolated.

The volunteers experience the joy of volunteer work and develop themselves towards active citizenship. Worldwide Best Buddies is active since 1989 in 52 countries.

Best Buddies Nederland exists for 10 years now. Through the help of many enthusiastic funds Best Buddies Nederland has a network of 38 clubs throughout the Netherlands. There are about 400 volunteers and interns active weekly.

Right now we are looking for volunteers for the clubs Almelo, Hengelo, Enschede and Twente North that want to be a buddy for a young person with a mild intellectual disability for a minimum period of 1 study-year.

It’s a volunteers job for 4-8 hours a week. The volunteer is for at least one study-year a buddy. This is a must!

What are our expectations from our volunteers?

As volunteer we try to find a perfect buddy for you. We match personality and interests.

We expect that you at least contact your buddy once a week (call, email) and once every two weeks to undertake an activity with your buddy (go for a walk, paint together, bake something).

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers that would like to be the buddy of a person with a mild intellectual disability and are willing to invest in a great friendship!

What do you do?

  • You keep in touch with your buddy
  • You have to come to the training meetings.
  • You take part of our InterVision meetings
  • You are joining group activities with other buddy couples (These are twice a year)
  • You communicate with the clubmanager of your region about the contact between you and your buddy.
  • You communicate with the personal coach of your buddy about the activities, collaboration and friendship between you and your buddy.

 What we are looking for:

  • Someone who is Dutch and speaks Dutch
  • Someone who would like to learn about youth with a mild intellectual disability.
  • Someone who shows affection
  • Someone who has empathy
  • Someone that we can trust
  • Someone that is positive
  • Someone who has an eager to learn
  • Someone who can work independently
  • Someone that is motivated
  • Someone with good communication skills
  • Someone that is active at our group meetings
  • Someone that acts responsibly


If you would like to be a volunteer at Best Buddies Nederland please send your motivational letter and curriculum vitae to

Or sign up at our website

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