The Rubix is the association room Dimensie shares with study associations Communiqué and Ideefiks. It’s the ideal space for students to come togeDSC01917ther during their breaks or before or after their lectures to drink something or have a chat. There’s always free coffee, tea and lemonade! So have a cup of coffee and come chill on the nice couches! There are also tables and chairs where committees can meet and where students can study. On the walls you will find some pictures of committees and promotion for upcoming activities and on the TV you’ll find photos and impressions of recent activities.

The board room is located right next to the Rubix and you can always walk in to ask your questions or give feedback.


Rubix Duty

During opening hours of the board room there’s always a board member who’s in charge of the room. This board member is the primary person to ask all the little things you need from the board. You can recognize this board member because he or she will be wearing a green sweater or a blue blouse. He or she also usually sits at the Rubix duty table.

Snack closet
If you want cheap snack you can come to the Rubix! There’s a snackcloset and a fridge where you can buy different snacks for small prices. Examples are Mars, Snickers or Twix bars or a can of Coke, Sprite or Fanta. If you want to be added to the snack system you can ask a board member to help you. They will give you a form which you can then fill out. After you’ve done this you can easily buy snacks by scanning your student card.


Except studying, snacking and relaxing there are a few other things in the Rubix that are open to everyone!

In the cupboard underneath the TV there’s a wide array of board games that can be played anytime. A few examples are: Cards against humanity, Chess, Jenga, 30 seconds, Twister, Halli Galli, and many more!

You can play Wii in the Rubix! Dimensie has a Wii, 4 controllers and lots of games. Play a game of Mario Kart, beat your friends at tennis or find out who’s best at bowling! If you can’t find the Wii ask the board to give you the key to the Wii closet!

Every week Dimensie gets the newest copy of the Donald Duck and we also keep a lot of old copies around as reading material. More magazines like Psychologie magazine or TIME Magazine are available, too. (Beware! Many of these are in Dutch!).
The Dimensie magazine, Hand-Out, is also available in the Rubix. Note that there’s a limited amount, so please leave them in the Rubix. A PDF version of the magazine can be found here.

In the Rubix and the board room there are some computers that may be used for studying or doing committee work. They are located in a more quiet area so that you can work comfortably without being interrupted.