Educational committee

The educational committee vouches for the quality of education. The course- and module-evaluations are being discussed and together with the education staff they try to solve critical problems. That’s why it is so important that as many students as possible fill out these evaluation forms. The students’ input is needed to find out what the biggest problems are and how they can be improved.

When an evaluation form is filled out the results are sent to the EC members. The results are discussed profoundly during the EC meeting. Furthermore the course- and module coordinator writes a reaction about all parts. In this document the points that will be improved in the next year are discussed and the teaching staff reacts to positive and negative parts of the module. The EC decides whether this is enough or if there are any further improvements that need to be done.

In the EC meetings different subjects that are linked to psychology are discussed. Examples are:

  • Course- and module-evaluations
  • Internationalisation of the bachelor and master programme
  • Communication with students
  • Final evaluations of the bachelor- and master program
  • Developments within Twents Education Model (TEM)
  • General subjects concerning the quality of the educational program, like compensation rules

The committee consists of 5 teaching members and 5 student members. They meet roughly once a month and these meetings are led by Stephanie van den Berg (one of the teaching members).

The teaching members are:

  • Martin Schmettow
  • Annemarie Braakman-Jansen
  • Margôt Kuttschreuter
  • Hannie Gijlers
  • Stephanie van den Berg

The student members are:

  • Ellis Aten
  • Maschja Baas
  • Naomi ten Hagen
  • Kira Oberschmidt
  • Nina Kuijsten (Secretary)
  • Mathijs de Ruiter, Commissioner Educational Affairs Dimensie


  • Marielle Stel, education director
  • Laura Holsbeeke, education coordinator

On Dimensie’s behalve Robbin Koopman participates in the meetings as our Commissioner of Educational Affairs. He discusses all subject that are communicated to him by students. Yher an reach him by mailing to or by just stopping by in the Rubix.

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