TNO as your first employer?

Tno is looking for ambitious starters
Tno presents you with a wealth of options. What is your aim: to become a top researcher or a consultant, project manager or business developer? From the moment you enter employment with us you enjoy major freedom in, and responsibility for, shaping your own career path.

In the talent development programme (tdp) we help you to develop your talents. We provide you with support which will help you to realise and apply your own potential. Besides helping to increase your expertise, we also focus on your personal development. Your own efforts are crucial here: we expect you to show initiative and ideas for achieving this goal.

Talent development programme in brief
After joining tno you qualify for the talent development programme. For all those who wish to begin in the field of technology and from here to explore which development route is best for them: applied technology, consultancy, project management or business development.

  • Over a period of 3 to 4 years you undergo accelerated development. You start from a firm foundation, and from here on you have the opportunity to explore various roles. At the end of the programme you decide on the role and the environment that suit you best.
  • Personal support for your development, in terms of both specialist expertise and competencies.
  • Resources to help you develop more rapidly: monitoring by your manager and hr , training, coaching and learning on the job. This also leaves room for made-to-measure solutions which fit your development and ambitions.

Need more information? Please contact recruitment services at +31(0)88 866 81 88.


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