Improving career opportunities - FEST

The Fraunhofer Project Center Expertise Student Team (FEST) is doing research for a better bridge between academia and the industry. As a part of this research, they have prepared a questionnaire for students, which is aimed at capturing their impressions on the availability of opportunities (full-time/part-time jobs, internships, traineeships, etc ) in the region, and how hard it is to find one. The results of this questionnaire will be used to develop solutions to bridge the gap between academia and the industry, thus can be very useful for the present and future students of UT.  (

The information gathered here will help develop a tool to increase the visibility between companies and students/graduates. Your feedback will ensure the tool is developed with the students' perspective at the forefront. So to improve your own and other student's chances of finding opportunities (such as jobs, internships, and theses) with companies during and after their study we ask you to fill in this questionnaire:


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