Dialogical Spaces for a Diverse University - Dialogical Spaces Organizing Team

The Dialogical Spaces Organizing Team invites you to consider participating in the “Dialogical Spaces for a Diverse University" project taken place at the UT.

This project is one of the 2020 UT’s incentive fund supported initiatives on diversity and inclusion. Its aim is to create a space for the UT community to reflect critically on our research and education systems and practices. They will be organizing a series of webinars on topics ranging from inclusive education to ethical technology and decolonial data science and more.

The first even is on January 21, 2021, from 16.00 to 18.00. The guest speaker is Dr. Aminata Cairo. She will discuss further on the topic of “Inclusive Education”.

  • For registering to this first event, please follow this link.

Following up, on February 4th Dr. Joz Motmans will discuss ‘Non-binary and Trans Rights within the University’.

Later, on February 18th, Dr. Katta Spiel will present and dialogue on the topic of "Making Norms Exceptional — Non-normative Interaction Design for and with Marginalised Bodies".