Are you part of Dimensie's 17th board?

The 16th board of Dimensie will be in function till the beginning of September, but thereafter the 17th board will take over the tasks. Activism is an enormous positive addition to your CV. Besides doing a board year to build your CV, it is also the best way to learn about planning, organizing events, networking, and teamwork during your study period. Doing a board year will give you a headstart when you arrive at the labor market. If you want to be informed about the opportunities and all the ins and outs of being a board member, you can always text/mail/call us during working days or just visit the Rubix and talk to us.  

The application period has started, which means that you can take the opportunity to be a board member of a big study association! We've put together the most important information here. If you are in need of more information, you can get into contact with, by calling us on 053-4893641 or by seeing us in the Rubix (Cubicus B111). 




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