The Dimensie website contains more and more vacancies. In the upcoming weeks, there will be added more vacancies for every Psychology master specialization, internships, and universal (side)...

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TNO as your first employer?

Tno is looking for ambitious starters Tno presents you with a wealth of options. What is your aim: to become a top researcher or a consultant, project manager or business developer? From the...

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Do-group sign up

Enjoyed your Kick-in so much you want to do it all again, but better? Or do you want to guide new students through all the amazing activities?  Become a Do-Group parent! You can create your own...

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Assassination Game 2018

Dimensie is back with the annual (second year in a row) Assassination Game! If you want to be Dimensie's John Wick this is the place to be! Click here to visit the event page for more information. 

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Alumni page

The Career page now also contains an alumni page, on which every few weeks an alumnus of psychology at the UT is presented. Click here to be directed to the page. 

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