Writing contest

About this event

Date and time
28 May 2021 17:00 - 13 Jun 2021 23:30

Were you a shakespearian writer in your previous life? Or was your great-great-great grandfather Charles Dickens? And did the story-writing genes trickle down through the family tree?

With this writing contest, we would love to see your poem potential or your novel noticability! Send us the best you got! It can be really anything, YOU have the creative freedom! 


We do have a few tips, in case the creative fountain has run dry: 

- Write about Crime Week! Has the murder mystery game maybe inspired a chapter from a crime novel?

- Summer vacation is coming up! The sun can take you to places with blue waters and white beaches... maybe a travel blog is something for you! 


So do you really want to scratch that writing itch and share your wonderous words with us and you can also win a cool Dimensie prize! 

- Send an e-mail to e.karelse@svdimensie.nl with attachted your writing extravaganza before the deadline at 13-06-2021 before midnight

- The RedacCie committee will determine who the winners are: the first three places recieve a prize and will be posted on the Dimensie blog!