Trip to TBS clinic


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Mar 19, 2019

Trip to TBS clinic

On the 19th of March, we will visit the psychiatric unit FPC Dr. S. van Mesdag in Groningen again! If you are curious about the daily affairs in a psychiatric unit and want to know how the psychology in this branch works, sign up before the 12th of March! 

We will travel by train. To make sure we can travel as a group and keep the costs low, we want to order group tickets for traveling by train. Please sign-up until the 12th of March by clicking the button on the left. We can not plan this excursion around schedules of lectures because the organization of the psychiatric unit decides for a date. You can decide to miss a lecture for this excursion, but that is, of course, your own responsibility.

Important information


  • Bring a valid identification card. Without it, it is not possible to come into the complex.
  • Wear suitable clothes: no bare body parts, no shorts, and closed shoes. 
  • The price will be 7 euros, which includes traveling to Groningen and back to Enschede. 
  • We will meet at 9.20 at the Station in Enschede and return at 19.00 again.

We are already looking forward to visiting FPC van Mesdag, hopefully, you too!






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