The Venetian Masquerade - a mysterious night in Venice


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Mar 12, 2020, 9:00:00 PM
Mar 13, 2020, 1:00:00 AM
Perron 22

The Venetian Masquerade - a mysterious night in Venice

Buon giorno Signor e Signoras,

We have the honor to announce our extravagant Gala “The Venetian Masquerade” on the 12th of March 2020 to the public.
Picture this: a room wrapped in dancing shadows from twinkling candlelight. A masked casanova draped elegantly over the pompous bar, secretively smiling at astonishing beauties walking by. Mysterious encounters, deep glances hidden behind masks and an atmosphere enriched with the tantalizing anticipations of the night. Welcome to Venice of the 18th century!

The ballroom will open its glamourous doors at the 9th hour of the evening. The tickets will include the entrance to the Gala, unlimited free drinks and a few snacks and can be purchased for a maximum of 35€. Psst, the more guests we can welcome the lower the price will get! You will also have the honor of letting the thrilling performance of Signor DJ Tim Bussmann accompany you through the evening.

To give you an early taste of the extravaganza, there will be a delicious dinner before the Gala. Bring your charming companions or let your delightful date escort you to share a meal before the festivities begin. Both the dinner and the Gala will be hosted at Perron 22.

To relieve the longing for the special night and prepare accordingly, there will be a number of events hosted before the Gala. We offer a dance workshop to refresh your dance skills, as well as a Date Finding Valentine’s Party.

Because this is a masquerade, we also invite you to our exquisite Design Your Mask workshop, where you can invest all your creativity into crafting a mask that will mirror your personality while veiling your identity. This will ensure a magical moment when the masks fall at midnight!

In order to match the mysterious atmosphere, make sure to wear a mask of your choice. Addressing the signoras, pompous dresses in the period-accurate style are welcome, but definitely not a must. Coming to the signors, get out your nicest suit and feel free to accessorize with elegant top-hats. 
Remember, this is a White Tie event. 

The sign up for the event will start at the 10th of February at noon. Make sure to be fast to get one of the limited tickets until the 2nd of March at midnight. Every Dimensie member will have the chance to purchase a ticket for themselves and their plus one. To make it even more special for you, we will design hard copy tickets personalized to you. For that, we will announce later when and where you can pick up your ticket.


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