Psychology Movie Analysis

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Date and time
Mar 21, 2019 19:30 - 23:30
Amphitheater, Vestingbar

Psychology Movie Analysis

Let's face it: as psychologists, we like to observe other people's behaviour and talk about it. What about combining that with some relaxation and watching a movie?

During this evening, we will watch a movie that covers psychological themes and we can discuss what we have seen. The movie that we are going to watch is 'Jagten' (also known as The Hunt - IMDb). The movie follows a man who becomes the target of mass hysteria after being wrongly accused of sexually abusing a child in his kindergarten class. The movie covers quite some topics that could be up for discussion. The host of this discussion is no one else than Zwenny Bosch.

To set the atmosphere, this activity will take place in the cinema of the univeristy: the Amphitheatre of the Vestingbar. Next to that, the committee will provide you with a free drink and some snacks. What else could you want from life? See you there! 

There are only 40 spots - so first come first serve ;)