Psychologist for a Day - at the Ministry of Justice


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Apr 3, 2019 12:45 - 13:30

Psychologist for a Day - at the Ministry of Justice

Annemiek Fokkens will come to talk about her internship and recently attained job at the Ministry of Justice and the police for the safety regions.

"Since the forming of the National Police in 2013, the Minister of Justice and Safety takes on the responsibility of the functioning of this organization. At the Directorate-General Police and Safety Regions where I currently work, employees are involved with making policy and supporting the Minister with parliamentary affairs on a daily basis. My task in all this is helping these policymakers by supporting them with scientific research. So this entails – amongst other things – staying up to date with current research in the field of police and safety and maintaining different platforms that will help keep employees up to date. Furthermore, I am doing research of my own as well amongst the policy makers. It is a very dynamic and interesting place to work, one I never thought of before choosing the PCRS Master track!"

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