Psychoanalysis Lecture Series


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Date and time
May 8, 2019 19:00 - 22:00
Cubicus B209

Psychoanalysis Lecture Series

An introduction to PSYCHOANALYSIS in four lectures...

All students are cordially invited to visit this extra-curricular mini course. A certificate can be provided after full attendance.

The first 3 lectures have already taken place, so now it's only €5,- (You do not have the chance to receive a certificate, because it requires the attendance of all four lectures) 

Lecture 2
Wednesday 27th March 2019, 7-10 pm
Jaap van der Staal

Lecture 3 
Wednesday 17th April 2019, 7-10 pm 
Edwin Bouman

Lecture 4
Wednesday 8th May 2019, 7-10 pm 
Leontine Brameijer

Psychoanalysis today offers a treatment perspective that goes beyond
protocols and guidelines in the modern approach of mental health. It
aims at deepening the understanding of the inner world and at
individual development through an intersubjective experience.
Hereby analysand and therapist find words to get familiar with
repressed, unconscious or verbally unknown feelings.

Psychoanalytic theory was founded at the end of the nineteenth
century, but has broadened and renewed ever since. It developed
mainly through clinical observations and experiences. Some argue it
is science, others that it is alternative medicine. Resistance to its
acceptance is inherent to psychoanalysis. However it never stopped
to have a crucial changing influence on our psychological thinking,
on the socio-cultural field and the artistic world.

Elementary concepts in modern psychology are derived from
psychoanalytic thinking, but in the clinical field and during training
there is little time to get acquainted with this perspective.

The first lecture will address the background of this situation. The
main psychoanalytic concepts will be discussed. The second lecture
will place the development of adolescent and young adult mental life
in a psychoanalytic perspective. The third lecture will be an
introduction to the first clinical meeting. The fourth lecture will
address the thinking of an important post-Freudian psychoanalyist,
Melanie Klein.


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