PreGala Dinner


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Date and time
Mar 12, 2020 19:00 - 21:00
Perron 22

PreGala Dinner

What would a Gala be without a fancy three course meal? To fulfill your dream of the ultimate Gala experience, we will provide you with a delicious dinner as a prelude to the glamorous evening to follow. You will have the choice between a regular, pescatarian and a vegetarian option for the three courses, including dessert! 
The location will be the Perron22 in the city centre, where we expect you to be at 19:00. The price is 20€ per person, whereby every Dimensie member can bring a plus one.
Join us and you’ll be able to enjoy the exquisite cuisine the Perron 22 has to offer and later accompany us upstairs and indulge at the open bar with a clean conscience. 



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