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UTEA (Online) Annual Finale

UTEA (Online) Annual Finale

On the 27th of May at 16.00, the (online) annual finale of the UT Educational Award is taking place! During this UT-wide event, the 4 finalists will prove why they deserve the Educational Award of 2021! Everybody present can also participate in the audience vote, which next to the jury vote, decides the winner.

The four finalists for the University of Twente Education Award have been chosen. The finalists are: 

  • Jurnan Schilder (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Maaike Endedijk (Educational Science and Technology)
  • Anne Leferink (Technical Medicine) 
  • Tracy Craig (Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Advanced Technology and Nanotechnology)

This is the link if you want to join the annual finale: 


Let's see who will win...