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Transdisciplinary Master-Insert: ‘Shaping Responsible Futures'

Calling curious and engaged UT Master students looking for a challenge to join the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert ‘Shaping Responsible Futures’. Become an accomplished boundary crosser and future change-maker - attend the following challenge packages:   


  1. Transdisciplinary and Creative Ways of Working (10 EC) - Q2

  2. Shaping Society and Responsible Futures (10 EC) - Q2 and Q3

  3. Leading Systemic Change (10 EC) - Q3


Participate in two ways:

  • Join our shorter 10 EC challenge packages and integrate them in your master programme, for instance, as elective space.

  • Or join our programme full-time (all three challenge packages) and earn a Certificate.


Up to you: join one, two, or all three challenges. Need more information?  

Check out our website: https://bit.ly/3mVpejt


Don’t miss out - you can apply until the 23rd of October!

Instagram: @masterinsertutwente

Questions? Check our FAQ or email us: master-insert@utwente.nl


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