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Take Part in 'Samen Blokje Omdenken' for a Good Cause!

Take Part in 'Samen Blokje Omdenken' for a Good Cause!

Samen Blokje Omdenken is a joint initiative of Nudge, Nature for Health and Lentekracht with the aim of stimulating and activating millennials to go out into nature more and thus combat stress. The idea arose from young people who experience negative consequences from the current performance society, such as stress, performance pressure, mental problems and burnout complaints. Research has shown that nature can play an important role in preventing and alleviating these complaints. In addition, Samen Blokje Omdenken encourages millennials to go out together and to inspire each other for beautiful places and routes. In addition to the three organizations mentioned, an active group of students from Overijssel is involved in the design of the platform. This makes Samen Blokje Omdenken a platform for and by millennials. The Samen Blokje Omdenken pilot in Overijssel will run from May to June. The ultimate goal is to grow into a national platform. Blokje Omdenken together is made possible in part by the province of Overijssel and IVN.

Sounds interesting? Want to join? Send an email to info@samenblokjeomdenken.nl


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