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Shaping 2030 Inclusion ~ Survey Ethnicity and Race

Shaping 2030 Inclusion ~ Survey Ethnicity and Race

With the Shaping Expert group Inclusion we are looking for opinions/experiences regarding the topic ethnicity and race.

“The Shaping Expert Group (SEG) Inclusion is an advisory team of students and employees committed to making the University of Twente (UT) more inclusive with regard to several diversity dimensions. You can find more information about the SEG Inclusion on www.utwente.nl/seg-inclusion.  

One of our current goals is to create a safe space for dialogue regarding ethnicity and raceto find out the barriers and problems related to ethnicity and race that prevent the UT from being a place where everybody feels at home. Naturally, we need participants to enter into this dialogue, we need you, and because of the sensitivity of the subject, we also need to know in which setting you feel most comfortable for the dialogue. For this, we have the following survey that we would like you to fill in. Notice that the survey can also be filled in anonymously and you would still be contributing to our project. If you also want to participate in the dialogues you can fill in your name at the end.

Ethnicity & Race survey

Your help in disseminating and filling in this survey will greatly contribute to the success of the project.

Many thanks for your help!

On behalf of the SEG Inclusion-Ethnicity,”

Bregje Walraven


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