Eurotrip 2020 - Krakow [CANCELLED]


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Apr 16, 2020, 10:00:00 PM
Apr 21, 2020, 8:00:00 AM

Eurotrip 2020 - Krakow [CANCELLED]

Have you ever been to a city which was announced as the best city to visit? Or have you thought about visiting Poland at least once in your life? Then this is your chance! Join this trip Krakow and have a nice weekend with a lot of fun together with other members of Dimensie.

The trip will start on the 16th of April during the evening. We will arrive in Krakow on the 17th of April in the morning at the Hostel Mohito, where are going to stay the whole weekend. The drive back will start on Monday the 20th in the evening and will end on the 21st in the morning.

During this weekend there are several activities planned which you can voluntarily join.
These are for example:
- Pub Crawl
- Party Boat
- Concentration Camp Auschwitz
- Visit of the second oldest University in Europe
- And more
You can join these activities during an extra event, which will take place in March. The date will be announced in time.

You now may ask, what does this all cost? The price will be approximately 179€. This calculation includes the ride and the hostel. The activities have to be added individually.

You can still sign up for the Eurotrip! In case you are interested send an email to

In case you sign up and want to cancel the participation, this is only possible if there is someone who can take over the spot. Please contact us under in that case.

Make sure to sign in now and have an amazing trip!


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