Change GMA

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Date and time
Sep 11, 2018 18:00 - 22:00
Cubicus C238

Change GMA

As a member of study association Dimensie your voice is very important. Dimensie is led by the board, but every member has decision right and a say. To help us keep the good points of our association and improve the things which makes your membership more valuable, you are kindly invited to visit the Change General Member Assembly (GMA) on the 11th of september. The GMA will start at 18:00, but if you want to join us for Dinner at 17:15, please contact

Is this your first GMA? Then here is some general information.



Where do I find the relevant documents?

The agenda, the minutes of the last GMA and every relevant documents will be published at least one week before the GMA. You will receive an mail when it it is published and the folder will be accessible on the website. To the documents


Do I have a right to vote?

All primary members of Dimensie can vote. A primary member has a full membership and is a psychology student. 


I am not a primary member, so what now?

Just because you can't vote, you still have the right to say something. Also, you still can cast a vote, but it will be marked as an advisory vote. This means that, although your vote does not effect the immediate result, you can still have an influence. 


How long does it take?

Well, that depends on the discussions. Theoretically, it can be over within 30 minutes, but then nothing is discussed. Rough schedule about how long it will take can be found in the agenda.


Am I allowed to speak?

Of course, that is the whole point. The chairman leads the GMA and if you have a question or a remark, he will give you the word. But he only has to do this thrice per point on the agenda.


What do I get out of it?

First of all, you can have an influence on the course of Dimensie. The GMA is the organ with the most influence in the association, because the GMA represents the members. Oh, and there is a free drink at the end.