Beer Pong Tournament - Online Edition


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Mar 11, 2021 18:30 - 20:30

Beer Pong Tournament - Online Edition

You don’t only miss parties, dancing and drinking but mostly the Fun Party Games? 🍻

We have got you covered, because party games and having some drinks together should not be something to lose!

CondiCie has taken the sport of ping pong and the fun of parties combined with the new online way of doing activities and created ONLINE BEER PONG. 🍻🏓

Participate with one friend or one of your roommates in Dimensie’s Beer Pong tournament to win a nice prize. All you need is 10 cups (preferably red cups), two pong balls (table tennis balls), a large table (or a set up that works similar) and some beers! 

You will then together with your team player, play against several other teams and when you win you will proceed to play against the other winners. 

Grab your partner and some beers and join this fun event that gives you throwbacks to several fun parties 🥳

Sign up now and tell us who you are in a team with!


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