Symposium 2021: The Future of Psychology

Hey everyone! Welcome to the page of the symposium.

A symposium is a whole day in which lectures and workshops will be organized considering a certain topic, with this year's topic being "The Future of Psychology". During such a day lecturers from different places have been invited to discuss with you about all different aspects considering "The Future of Psychology". For example, on the 11th of November, we will talk about VR therapy, the use of psychedelics for treatment, computerized training games, the effect of climate change on psychology, and more! Apart from this, we will provide you with free lunch, networking drinks, free coffee and tea for the whole day, and a goodie bag for each participant. 

During the upcoming weeks, we will reveal the lecturers, workshops, and programme of this year's symposium! 

Hopefully, we'll see you there! 

The Symposium Committee