Books Q4 2022-2023

Dear Psychology Student, 

As you might have noticed, some issues have occured concerning the books and the delivery of them. Since ordering them is no  longer possible we wanted to provide you with an overveiw of the required books for your respective module for the fourth quartile. Below you can see an overview of the books, if you click on the blue links you will be directed to a website where the book can be bought.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to mail the Commissioner of Books . 

I am also happy to share that as of next year we will be working together with a new book supplier; more information about this will follow soon. 

I wish you the best for the upcoming quartile! 

Kind Regards,

Naomi Loffeld 

Treasurer and Commissioner of Books 

21st Board of Dimensie 

Year Module Name 

Required Materials 

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Bachelor Year 1The Individual 

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Ed de Bruin and Jolien van Straalen - Pas 
Bachelor Year 1

Design Methodology for Psychology

Reader Systematic Intervention Design and Evaluation in Psychology – Available online Jenny Pouls
Bachelor Year 2Psychological and Professional Skills

You probably already have these books as this is a stretch module 

J.A. Moon ((2004). A handbook of Reflective and Experiential learning; theory and practice (Chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10, resources 4, 5, 6 and 9). ISBN 0-415-33515-9 or 0-415-33516-7, possibly also available as e-book/pdf

S.Schuman (ed.). The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups; How they are difficult, Why they are difficult and What you can do about it. Jossy-Baas, A Wiley Imprint. ISBN 978-0-470-19038-8, possibly also available as e-book/pdf.

W.F. Eadie (ed). 21st Century Communication; A reference Handbook. A sage reference publication. ISBN 978-1-4129-5030-5, possibly also available as e-book/pdf

You probably already have these books as this is a stretch module 

Zwenny Bosch 
Bachelor Year 2Research Methods and Research Project

Harrison, E., & Rentzelas, P. (2021). Your psychology dissertation, SAGE, 978-1-5264-9729-1

APA manual 7th edition 

You probably already have these books as this is a stretch module 
Iris van Sintemaartensdijk 
Bachelor Year 3History, Ethics and Philosophy of Psychology

Blackburn, S. (2002). Being good: A short introduction to ethics. Oxford University Press. 2nd edition ISBN 9780192853776(e-book available in library)

You probably already have these books as this is a stretch module 

Yashar Saghai 
Master Track Conflict Risk and Safety   Advanced Research Methods for Conflict, Risk and SafetyArticles will be provided through canvas Miriam Oostinga 
Master Track Human Factors and Engineering  Advanced Research Methods for HFENo books requiredRob van der Lubbe 

Master Track  Positive Health Psychology 

Advanced Research Methods for PHTNo books requiredAnneke Sools 
Master Track Personal Reflection and Development No books required Marjolein Prenger 
Master Track Positive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Fredrike Bannink (2012). Practicing Positive CBT. From reducing distress to building success. West Sussex: Wiley Blackwell. ISBN: 978-1-119-95269-5

H. Kennerly, J. Kirk & D. Westbrook (2017). An introduction to cognitive behavior therapy. Skills & applications. 3rd edition. London: Sage Publications. ISBN: 978-1-4739-6258-3 (pbk)

 Saskia de Vries 
Pre-Master Research Practical

Harrison, E., & Rentzelas, P. (2020). Your Psychology Dissertation. SAGE Publications, Ltd

Spector, P.E. (1991). Summated rating scale construction. Thousand Oaks: Sage publications inc

APA manual - 7th edition

Steven Watson and Marlise Westerhof 
Pre Master Inferential Statistics 
De Veaux, R.D., P. F. Velleman and D.E Bock (2021) Stats: Data and Models (Global Edition, 5/E). Boston: Pearson Education. ISBN-13: 9781292362212.Harry van der Kaap 

Naomi Loffeld - Treasurer and Commissioner of Books