Child Labour and Trafficking Internship/Volunteer Work Project in Ghana

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Child Labour and Trafficking Internship/Volunteer Work Project in Ghana

  • Posted at Oct 1, 2020
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There are over 1.3 million children in Ghana who are engaged in child labor. FS Ghana aims to decrease this number through its anti-trafficking program. Children are trafficked to distant fishing villages for years at a time and exploited with little to no compensation. Some are trafficked because of their family’s financial circumstances; in desperation, a family may be forced to sell their child into service for a small sum of money. These children are then injured or sometimes even killed at sea. We strive to eliminate trafficking through education, rehabilitation, and community empowerment.

Project duration: Ongoing
Minimum length of stay: 2 weeks, but preferably longer
Starting period: Flexible

Project information
Project description
Numerous instances of abuse and bullying at the hands of the fishermen have been reported. Thereby, trafficked children are dying because of the dangerous work they are forced to perform. Other children are encouraged by their parents to labor instead of learning. Even though school enrollment has increased in recent years, there remains a significant amount of the child population still involved in child labor. Most of the children wish to go to school if they had theopportunity. Our project is focused in the fishing communities of Fetteh, Nyanyano and Senya Breku where we know child labor and trafficking are common.

Problem Statement: Increasing vulnerability of children to all forms of abuses
✓ Interns will get the opportunity to have vast knowledge about challenges facing children in developing countries like Ghana and also learn how to develop practical steps to combat the situation.
✓ It will be a great opportunity for interns to develop themselves in a practical field and bring development into the community.
✓ Interns will work with the local partner organization to bring out programs and advisory report on how to improve the program, rescue more trafficked children and also community based approaches.
✓ Evaluation of the program to support and protect the right of children in the fishing community.

The internship
Role of the intern:
Aiming for skills transfer next to leaving behind materials and methods that can be used in terms of sustainability.
✓ Conducting interviews with the children and their families to assess and review their situation.
✓ Alumni can liaise with and make referrals to other agencies or foundations to support the program, training/participation and to support the trafficked children.
✓ Interns will organize child’s right seminars with the assistance of the local partner organization. The aim of these seminars is to empower the children to take hold of their own futures, show them
the role and responsibility that they can have in their community, and the basic rights to which all
children are entitled.
✓ Students/alumni will research more into the cause of child labour and trafficking in the communities.

Specific activities

  • Conducting research and interviews with child labourers, community members, fishermen and fishmongers
  • Organize seminars on child’s right and the importance of education
  • Drawing up educational activities for local schools e.g football games, arts and craft, jumping ropes etc.
  • Assist teachers in the classrooms
  • Teach and support children with special needs particularly in their reading.
  • Pinpoint motivational support for children to stay in school

The facilities
Supervision: By the programme coordinator of the partner organization and Noor van Hout (Msc.Educationalist/Behavioural Therapist and BSc. Social Worker), who worked and lived in Ghana for more than 7 years.
Workspace for intern: office is available for interns next to work in the field

Let’s Go Africa intern/volunteer packages include:

  • Suitable project with project description according to all criteria
  • Pre-departure introduction & safety meeting
  • Visa application (and extension) assistance + flight booking and transport advice
  • Accommodation at the project
  • Meals (2 or 3x a day, depends on the project)
  • Airport pick up
  • In-country introduction regarding country, project and your role
  • Experienced and qualified supervisor and contact person constantly available
  • Interaction with local community and experiencing the local culture
  • Support and guidance from the moment of registration until return back home
  • Country information brochure
  • Informal feedback session & LGA certificate (proof of participation)

The costs
Total package cost of LGA packages above: From €450 for 2 weeks and €50-€125 per extra week (depending on the need of supervision and
length of stay)

Intern requirements

  • Fully Self-funded, however we do encourage fundraising or crowdfunding
  • Passionate and capable in your field
  • Ability to deal with emotionally charged and pressured situations
  • Able to work with different cultures and accept different norms
  • Confident and able to create positive professional relationships
  • Ability to use initiative
  • Can work independently and is creative
  • Good organizational and interpersonal skills

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