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As a graduated psychologist, you are not limited to just a few professions. Where in the past psychology was mainly a scientific profession or a profession in which the function of psychologists was mainly within the mental health care, nowadays graduated psychologists work literally everywhere. The work field is very broad, which becomes clearer when looking at the functions of alumni of the University of Twente.
On this page, an alumnus of Psychology at the University of Twente is presented every three weeks. This time, you can read about the career path of:

Sarah Markus, UX Research Manager at SmugMug
"Currently I’m working as a UX (user experience) research manager for a company that offers an online platform for photographers in Silicon Valley and I love it. I started about a year ago and established a research and UX program from the bottom up, which was very exciting. For me working in a small company is perfect because I love working on several different projects at the same time. As the company’s first researcher, it was up to me to learn about the research needs within each department and come up with solutions within a budget. I’m doing a lot of usability testing, a lot of survey research, and interviews from time to time. I also got to dig out some skills I learned at UT, but haven’t had many opportunities to use since, like segmentation analysis and working with SPSS.

How I got here is a longer story and involves a lot of traveling and running off to the States with my now husband. But I’m getting ahead of myself. After I finished my Master in Psychology with a focus on consumer behavior I took some time to travel, thinking I would come back to pursue a PhD, but while traveling I realized that I don’t actually want to go into academics. As I still didn’t know what I wanted to do I figured California is as good of a place as any to figure things out. So I moved to California and started job hunting, which was NOT easy. I heard about UX for the first time in the Bay Area, but it was still a very young discipline without many junior researcher positions. Eventually, I started a roll as a market researcher at a website that provides parenting information. What helped me most to get this first job was my master’s degree and creative job application (I created a little brochure). During my four years with this company, I learned a lot about survey research, moderating and usability research. Eventually, I felt like I had plateaued in this role, so I quit my job, traveled for a bit again, and when I came back found a position as a UX researcher at my current company."    

Sarah Markus

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