Job Talks Graduates 11-02

What do you actually become when you graduate from Conflict, Risk and Safety Psychology? What is it like to work in the mental health sector? There are all kinds of job descriptions out there, but there seems no better way to find out about the work field of Psychology, than by hearing about it from experience experts: alumni! They are graduated from one of the specializations of Psychology at the UT and are currently working in the field. The perfect candidates to give you insight into work options after you graduate.

What are there current tasks? For what kind of company do they work? And of course, how did they get their job?

Opening   17.30-18.00
Round 1   18.00-19.00
Round 2   19.15-20.15

There is the opportunity to visit two talks: Round 1 (18.00), Round 2 (19.15). Subscribe here!

Round 1

(CRS) Specialist living (Fire)Safe at Safety Region Utrecht - Jurriaan van Wakeren

Jurriaan works as a Specialist at Safety Region Utrecht. As Fire-brigade they educate inhabitants of the region Utrecht on how to diminish the chances of a (home)fire as much as possible. “I use my knowledge in Psychology to advise colleagues, how to be as effective as possible. This means that I am involved in the design of education materials (presentations, videos, posters, flyers, etc.), I give trainings to colleagues about mechanisms behind behavioural change and I think along about new opportunities and (technological) developments such as Virtual Reality and new (social) media. I also take care of designing, setting up and evaluating information campaigns.

Jurriaan van Wakeren

(LS) Inspector at Inspectorate of Education - Niels van Leuteren
Niels van Leuteren works as an inspector at the Inspectorate of education. Within his job he monitors elementary schools and their boards. He observes lessons, has conversations with i.e. principles, internal guides and teachers, to get a good image of the schools and boards.

Niels van Leuteren

(HFE) CEO and Founder at Neonamic GmbH - Can Okur
Can has worked as a UX & HMI consultant at IAV and the founder and current CEO of Neonamic GmbH, an innovation agency that supports companies in terms of Human-Technology interaction. 

Can Okur

(PPT) Psychologist at Roessingh Arbeid - Carolien Balvers
''I work as a Psychologist at a rehabilitation centre in the labour section. In that section, we support rehabilitating persons in their return to work. I myself work with clients with chronical pain complaints. They follow a 15-week training with us, during which they learn to accept their complaints, find a better balance between their work load and load-taking capacity and to better sense the signals of their bodies. For this I guide groups, as well as individual contact with clients.''

An interview with Carolien from Alumni association Amygdala, can be found here.

(HPT) Health Psychology and Technology

Unfortunately, we were not able to find a graduate for this specialization.

Carolien Balvers

Round 2 

(HFE) CRO & UX Specialist at Achmea Beheer - Thomas van den Berg

In his job, Thomas works on optimizing the user experience and improving the conversion rate on by:

- Improving the flow and ease of use of complex funnels
- AB-testing
- Performing qualitative user tests (Eye-tracking, live user testing)
- Analyzing user behavior (Google Analytics / Hotjar)
- Analyzing user feedback (Usabilla, NPS / CES / GCR)
​- Prototyping new ideas (Axure, Codepen, Sketch)

Thomas van den Berg

(CRS) researcher/consultant at DSP-group - Randy Bloeme

In 2015 I started my master Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety with already a strong focus and interest in the concept of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). During my master, I followed extra courses in Environmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and did a short internship (instead of elective courses) at a research- and consultancy company in Amsterdam, named DSP-groep. I did my master thesis at DSP as well and started working there alongside, which resulted in in a full-time contract in September 2016.

At DSP, we (around 30 employees) carry out assignments for national, local and international clients in the public sector. Our areas of expertise are Crime prevention, Safety, Youth, Welfare and Health care, Leisure/Sports and Culture. I mostly work on Crime Prevention and Safety topics in our team ‘Public Order and Safety’. Some examples of projects I’ve been working on are: monitoring and evaluating social safety policies in the Port of Rotterdam and advising on new policies, reviewing the implementation process of the ‘Violent Offenders (Alcohol and Drug Testing) Act’ for the ministry of Justice and Safety, exploring the use and legal implications of undercover private security at events for the National Police, project-management of Clean Street programs for the City of Amsterdam and research projects for the City of Amsterdam on their Safe Nightlife programs.

The projects I work on are diverse, as is my role as a researcher and/or consultant in these projects. In my presentation, I will tell more about working as a researcher/consultant with a background in psychology, and daily struggles and successes.

Randy Bloeme

(PPT) Health Care Psychologist - Ronald Roskam

Ronald Roskam works as a Health Care Psychologist (GZ-psycholoog) at Pro Persona (specialized MHI) and as a program leader at Indigo (Basic MHI) in Ede area. At Pro Persona he primarily treats psychotrauma (like PTSD). At Indigo he treats a large variety of problems and disorders, such as mood- and anxiety disorders. His treatment is largely influenced by CBT and EMDR.

Ronald Roskam