Corona Health Check

Corona Health Check

1. Did you suffer from 1 of the following complaints in the past 24 hours?

    - You have a cold (nose cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat).

    - You cough.

    - You are short of breath or short of breath.

    - You have an increase or fever.

    - You suddenly don't smell and/or taste anything anymore, but your nose is not blocked.

2. Do you have corona?

- Has this been determined with a corona test? Then you will hear from the GGD when you can go outside again.

3. Does your housemate have mild corona complaints and a fever?

- Does your housemate have mild corona complaints and shortness of breath?

- Do you have a roommate with corona? And have you had close contact with your housemate in the past 10 days?

4. Are you in quarantine because you:

- had close contact with someone who has or had corona?

- was in a corona risk area?

If you answer any of these questions with a yes, get tested and stay at home to keep yourself and others safe.

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