Kick-In 2018: All you need to know

General information
The Kick-In is the introduction period of the University of Twente. The Kick-In is the perfect opportunity to discover the university, the campus and the city of Enschede and all other aspects of your student life. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to arrange all the formalities necessary for your time in the Netherlands. Hereby you can think of housing, banking, buying a bike and registering at the municipality. Take a look at the 'Study support' page for more information about these formalities. 

The Kick-In 2018 will take place from Wednesday the 22nd of August until Thursday the 30th of August. You can find the programme of the Kick-In here. Also, watch the after movie to get an impression about the event. Do you have questions? Check the FAQ, contact the Kick-in committee or Dimensie. Dimensie's contact details can be found here

After you enrolled for the general Kick-in via the website, you have access to all the information about the Kick-in. The program can be consulted at any time without access. The Kick-in starts with the big opening fair. This part is fascinating because of the size, the amount of students, the nice weather in the most instances and the conviviality. Also, the opening fair can be overwhelming because you will have so many impressions in a short period of time. Tips to survive the flood of promotion, flyers and impressions are: Just go with the flow and just take what the associations give you. Use the map to see where the various associations and organizations are on the big field to select the stands that are relevant for you. We as Dimensie are also there ofcourse! The weekend after the Kick-in can be the moment for you to reflect on the Kick-in days and cut through the sea of promotional material you received. 

At the 22th of August, the first Kick-in day, you also have the do-group market in which you choose for a group led by psychology students who are going to guide you through the Kick-in. These students have experienced the Kick-in themselves in most instances and can give you all the pro tips and advice about the Kick-in, but of course also about living in Enschede and studying at the UT. At the 27th of August, you will switch from all the fun stuff to the more important activities. This day is called the faculty day in which you receive information about your study, all the services and system you have to use and can use and you learn about the Dutch culture and the digital learning environment. The candidate board of study association of Dimensie will also give you a great tour around the campus and show you the facilities on the only campus university of the Netherlands (and the only University in the Netherlands with cows on it). 

In the evening of the 27th of August, after having dinner, we will proceed with the annual introduction camp in Enschede. What the program is and what you need for that, is sent to you via mail.