The LEXsy organises psychology related lectures. Together with the SPS-NIP they organise a day where psychology alumni talk about their work and the general field of work.

This committee organizes psychology-related lectures. On this day there are lectures about the work field and connections of masters to the work field. Examples of lecture topics are pedophilia, psychotic vulnerability, and victim-offender mediation.

You can reach the LEXsy via lexsy@svdimensie.nl.

The LEXsy 2020/2021 consists of:

ChairmanMartyna Dremo
Vice-ChairmanKim Strohmeier
SecretaryJulie Erber
TreasurerLeo Materne
Board representativeElisa Bockholt

f.l.t.r.: Elisa Bockholt, Martyna Dremo, Leo Materne, Kim Strohmeier, Julie Erber

The LEXsy 2019/2020 consisted of:

ChairmanJuliët ter Braake 
SecretaryKim Nina Strohmeier
TreasurerLeo Materne
General MemberLisanne Joling
General MemberKim Ahn Ngyuen
Board representative

Frederike Hamacher


f.l.t.r.: Lisanne Joling, Kim Nina Strohmeier, Kim Anh Nguyen,
​Leo Materne, Juliët ter Braake & Frederike Hamacher