The Kic'D is the Kick-in Committee of Dimensie. They organise the Dimensie part of the Kick-in (Camp, faculty day etc.).

Every year the KIC'D is in charge of the education day and psychology camp during the introduction period. Their aim is to make it even nicer, cooler, and more fun than the year(s) before! The most important job of the KIC'D is to represent the education of psychology during the Kick-in! Besides all the fun we offer new students, the KIC'D has a lot of serious aspects to it. It is about hosting the largest event of the year, so taking responsibility, planning, and organizing well as being professional and representative are aspects that come into view. 

The Kic'D 2020/2021 consists of:

Chairman Illayda Hotamis

Selena Hof

Vice-ChairmanNele Fischer
General MemberAlina Jagosz
General Member
Rebecca Rameckers
Board Representative and TreasurerChristine Mulrane

f.l.t.r.: Illayda Hotamis, Selena Hof, Nele Fischer, Alina Jagosz, Christine Mulrane

The Kic'D 2019/2020 consists of:

ChairmanTheresa Eveslage
SecretaryHanna Böckenhoff
Treasurer Christine Mulrane
Vice-ChairmanJulia Hubbert
General MemberLars Meiländer
General MemberMarie Klinge
Board RepresentativeNele Fischer

f.l.t.r.: Theresa Eveslage, Julia Hubbert, Christine Mulrane,
Hanna Böckenhoff, Marie Klinge, Lars Meiländer & Nele Fischer