Being an Active Member

Would you like to be active at Dimensie? 

Then you can now inform yourself about all the benefits and all your possibilities about becoming active! ‚Äč

Finally, it's time again to form the committees for this academic year! We are very much looking forward to this coming year with the (new) committees, and we hope to plan awesome events! You too?

Feel free to write an e-mail if you are interested in joining a committee. 

Perks of joining a committee and becoming an ACTIVE MEMBER

  • By joining a committee you can get even more out of your student life 
  • When you join a committee you are interested in, you can plan equally interesting events
  • It really looks great on your resume
  • You get to improve your professional skills through committee work 
  • Dimensie organizes special things for active members, like an active member event and a very nice active member gift
  • To put the cherry on top: At the end of the year you will be rewarded with an active member certificate!


Our Committees


As a member of the ACCIE you will be engaged in hosting social activities, such as parties, game nights, or movie nights. This committee is a lot about fun and mainly focuses on your activity organization skills. When being part of this committee, you will get in contact with organizations in order to host parties and activities with them. 

Join the most social committee of Dimensie and host fun activities with us!


The CAREERCIE organizes events for your professional orientation. They arrange case study days in order to come in contact with the work field and workshops to enhance your professional skills.

Do you want to contribute to your study while taking a peek into the work field for psychologists? Come join CAREERCIE!


The CAREERWEEK committee organizes one week of events in the academic year which puts an extra focus on getting insights into psychological work fields, Ph.D. options, and self-development. This committee is responsible for interesting lecture talks and workshops during the so-called CAREERWEEK. 

Do you want to decide on what will take place during this week? Join CAREERWEEK!


The CONDICIE is Dimensie's sports committee. We have the goal to make students more but also bring a fun and social aspect to sports. Every year, we put a team together for the biggest student relay-race in the world, the Batavierenrace. This race ends with the biggest student party of the Benelux in Enschede! We also plan other activities, like a Wintersportstrip and sport workshops.

If you are interested in sports you have found the right place!


CONNEXCIE is a committee with the goal to bring all students together. Psychology students can get to know each other better by learning about each others cultures. Usually, this is realized by a (free) lunch activity each module. Another tradition is visiting a Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany.

Do you want to know more about the differences and similarities you might have with other psychology students? Or do you have other extraordinary, fun, and interesting ideas for activities to create a connection between cultures? Sign up to join the CONNEXCIE!


This committee starts off with agreeing on a destination and then: What do we do there? Is the weather good enough? What is not too expensive? 
How do you get there? Where do you sleep? What are you going to do there? If all of this is settled, you can start promoting the trip with information lunches and drinks. When there are enough enthusiastic participants it's time to make the trip perfect and wait for the best part of the year!

You love traveling and are excited to decide next years destination and activities, do not hesitate to join this committee!


Every year the EXPEDICIE aims to plan various day trips to psychological facilities. An example can be the excursion to the TBS clinic in Groningen, or to a youth detention center. Besides this, this committee is responsible for the 24h trip. We walk around a beautiful city and visit some sightseeing places and museums.

Do you already have a destination in mind? Then join!


The annual GALA organized by Dimensie and oftentimes in collaboration with other associations is a magical experience each year. The committee works together on setting a theme with decorations, finding a beautiful venue, and setting the mood with musical guests for the night of a lifetime.

Is the prospect of all this calling to your inner party planner? Then come join the GALACIE and become part of the magic!


GREENCIE is Dimensie's committee for sustainability. Next to actively looking for sustainable alternatives from supplies to food offers, to organizational strategies for the usual events hosted by other committees, GREENCIE also organizes its own events. These are centered around the reuse of materials in the form of DIYs or second-hand exchanges.

Come join and help make Dimensie even greener!


Every year the KIC'D is in charge of the education day and psychology camp during the introduction period. Their aim is to make it even nicer, cooler, and more fun than the year(s) before! The most important job of the KIC'D is to represent the education of psychology during the Kick-in! Besides all the fun we offer new students, the KIC'D has a lot of serious aspects to it. It is about hosting the largest event of the year, so taking responsibility, planning, and organizing well as being professional and representative are aspects that come into view. 

If you are looking for a challenge besides your studies, this is the committee for you! 


This committee organizes psychology-related lectures. On this day there are lectures about the work field and connections of masters to the work field. Examples of lecture topics are pedophilia, psychotic vulnerability, and victim-offender mediation.

Do you want to come in contact with your work field? Then LEXSY is your committee!


The PROMOCIE promotes all events and designs posters for educational and social activities. 

If you have great designing skills, love memes, and are interested in promotion, join this committee!


The REDACCIE is responsible for a Dimensie blog. this committee focuses on reporting on social and educational events, as well as writing articles about whatever psychology-related or Dimensie-related topics interest you.

If you are a creative writer or designer, love writing(not so academic texts for a change) or are interested in journalism? Feel free to broadcast your ideas and join this committee!


The SYMPOSIUM committee organizes Dimenise's biennial symposium. A symposium entails a day full of lectures and workshops on a certain theme. So if you want to know more about this year's psychological topic, stay tuned for more information! 

Are you willing to help organize the symposium in a great team? Then join the SYMPOSIUM committee!