The AcCie is the sociability committee of Dimensie.
They organise parties and other social events.

As a member of the ACCIE you will be engaged in hosting social activities, such as parties, game nights, or movie nights. This committee is a lot about fun and mainly focuses on your activity organization skills. When being part of this committee, you will get in contact with organizations in order to host parties and activities with them. 

The AcCie 2019/2020 consists of:

ChairmanAnnika Hellweg
SecretaryLisa Grassmann
TreasurerAiko Unterweger
General MemberJulia Hubbert
General Member

Aljoscha Ocko

Board Representative‚ÄčNele Fischer


f.l.t.r.: Aljoscha Ocko, Annika Hellweg, Lisa Grassmann, Aiko Unterweger & Nele Fischer
(Missing: Julia Hubbert)