17th board of Dimensie?

17th board of study association Dimensie
While the current board of Dimensie passes on their functions over to the 17th board in September 2018, the application period is already in full swing. Are you excited about being a part of the board of a big study association? Besides having the opportunity to boost your CV, your professional/social skills and your network, you also have the chance to organize the coolest events and to spend a whole year on learning about managing a study association. You will meet loads of new people and work closely together with your team and other study associations. 

The board consists of a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and commissioners. These commissioners are responsible for the internal, external or educational affairs and the books. Because we are an international organization, it is a good thing if you want to be an international board member! 

In the fact sheet on the right we have an overview of the most important aspects of being a board member. Below, you can find a FAQ about being a board member. 

If you’re interested in being in the next board, or if you are in need of more information, you can always visit the Rubix (Cubicus B111), send a mail to board@svdimensie.nl or call 053-4893641. 

Board year at Dimensie FAQ
Can I be a part-time board member? 

Yes! You can spend time on your study while being a board member. It is important to inform your co-board 
members about this and make clear schedules. You will not be the first 
board member who combined her/his board year with a bachelor
thesis or minor period. So, studying and being a board member 
at the same time is definitely possible. 

How many hours per week will cost it as board? 

As a board member, you are free to decide for yourself (as long as your colleagues agree) how many hours you spend in your 
board tasks. For every function, there are a few tasks which have to be 
done, but outside these tasks, you have plenty of time to set things up. 
The opening hours of the board room are from 09:30 till 16:00, but there 
are of course also the activities. In general, you spend between 28 and 
40 hours per week in the board year as fulltime board member.

What about the costs? 

The nice thing of being a board member of a Study Association is that your tuition costs will be covered by a board scholarship. 
Because the UT encourages being active, you will receive financial support for this!
Click here for more information. Furthermore, activities organized by Dimensie which cost 
€5,- or less are free for you as board member. The expenses you have are 
stemming mostly from activities and trips and sometimes drinks, dinners, 
etc. with other boards. 

What do I learn? 

Within a study program, you learn many skills needed for a professional career within the profession you’re studying for. But as a board 
member of any (Study) Association, you learn relevant skills which you can 
use for anything in life and your professional career. Taking responsibility, 
working in a team, plan your tasks and Dimensie’s activities and networking 
are a few examples of skills you’ll learn. Of course, as treasurer, you learn 
different things than as commissioner internal affairs, but the above mentioned skills are 
applicable to all functions. 

How can I apply? 

If you want to apply, you can contact us. You have to write a motivational letter. You are free to choose the length, the things you write
about and the format. After this letter, there will be an intake with
a board member, one or more former board members and a study advisor
of the Psychology study program. 

A board year at Dimensie

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